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Women Are Power Gift Set


The name speaks for itself. Women are gracious yet powerful. They are as peaceful and calm as tea. But they can be strong-willed and passionate like a candle that continues to light the room with her charm. The Women Are Power Gift Set features dainty flowers with two gifts of your choice: 1 Cold Brew Tea and 1 Scented Candle, all snug in a wicker picnic basket. 

Theme colours: Light Orange, Green, White

Featured flowers: Rose, Carnation, Rice Flower, Chamomile 

What's included:

- 1x Cold Brew Tea (350ml) by What's The Tea

- 1x Scented Candle by Zephyrie

The cold brew tea can last up to 3 months refrigerated. However, it's advisable to consume within the day of purchase.

Candle scents: 

Sky Warrior - Cypress, Tonka Bean, Freesia

Queen of Charms - Peony and Red Apple

Love Heart - Sakura

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE SUBSTITUTED of similar quality, appearance and/or colours. Photos used are purely for a reference of the vibe and colour palette and are NOT indicative of the final product.

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