Holiday Gift Guide - Christmas Flowers For Everyone!

The most wonderful time of the year is here once more. If you’re a lover of blooms or know someone who is, this journal entry is a must-read. Christmas is nigh, so we’re sharing the season’s greetings with festive flowers to help you skip the gift-hunting panic. Let’s get started!

Alana Flower Basket 
When it comes to gift shopping, gift baskets are always a hit. It has to do with their convenience and variety. But have you thought of gifting a basket full of fragrant blooms? This Christmas let’s paint the town fabulously red! Our Alana Flower Basket is a handled wicker basket that houses bold flowers including roses, carnations, orchids and tulips.
Lyla Bloom Box
Boost the holiday spirits with a flower arrangement designed to leave a lasting impression. The Lyla Bloom Box is not only ideal for gifting, but this luxe-infused flower box also makes for an eye-catching centrepiece to wow guests. 
Azalea Vase
When you think of Christmas, you think of all things red. And what’s the most favoured red flower we all know and love? Roses, of course! A Christmas classic, everyone’s a sucker for this infatuating flower any time of year, but something about the season of giving that makes roses all the more special. Send a loved one the Azalea Vase this year's Christmas, and order another to keep for yourself. 
Talia Fruit Basket 
Who said fruit baskets are only for “get well soon” and Easter? As mentioned earlier, gift baskets offer variety, and fruit baskets are no different. If you want to send a gift of botanical goodies, our Talia Fruit Basket is perfect for the task. It features an assortment of fresh, high-quality fruits and delicate blossoms – ready to be enjoyed and shared for a jolly good time. 
Azure Vase
Not a huge fan of the bright red theme? How about a dreamy blue Christmas instead? Presenting preserved flowers in oceanic shades, the everlasting Azure Vase will elicit smiles and joy from everyone at Christmastime and in months to come. 


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We can’t wait to see you with our festive flowers, so do tag us in your posts at For inquiries or customisations, you may reach out to our team here or on our socials too. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Fleur Societé!


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