About Luna Floral Atelier

First Came Love Then Passion

We believe flowers are more than just little gifts from Mother Nature. Floriography - the language of flowers - may be difficult to grasp, which is why we created Luna Floral Atelier as a platform to educate the masses on the many meanings of each bloom while evoking inspiration and love in each floral arrangement. 

A Form of Creative Expression

Luna Floral Atelier is where ideas become reality, where gratitude springs, and where love blooms. We believe flowers carry more than just their captivating beauty; almost every emotion can be expressed with flowers!

Bringing together passion and luxury, we want to convey the many positive associations of flowers to our audience - regardless if they are an aspiring florist, or just someone who is looking for a thoughtful gift - and hopefully instill the kind gesture of gift-giving and practicing gratitude.

Our Promise To You

We are committed to fostering excellence in everything we offer, from exquisite floral arrangements and unique home décor to corporate services, weddings, special events and other categories that cover the entire canvas of life.

Flowers are perhaps the most used and successful form of communicating your feelings to those you care about. At Luna Floral Atelier, we realise the worth of your emotions which is what makes us the number one choice for sending out your deepest sentiments to dear ones. Be it a happy occasion or a sad one, we have blooms for just about anything!

Moments to Cherishable Memories

Our team shares a singular goal: to take care of your precious moments as if they were our own. We strive to make every person feel special, and pour our hearts and souls into creating floral designs that allow people to communicate what words cannot. It is believed that a good life is a collection of happy moments. Let's create your happy moments with us.