Your Foolproof Guide To The Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is coming. Your phone is buzzing with countless emails from stores - that you don’t even remember subscribing to - everything Valentine’s Day-related. Think hearts, sweets, lovey-dovey quotes, and a lot of pink and red. Whether you're deeply in love or enjoying your solo life, let's celebrate the spirit of love with gifts that are far from ordinary.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide by Luna Floral Atelier

The Romance Classic: Flowers For Valentine’s Day

Make way for Valentine’s undisputed MVPs. We’re all aware that flowers are a smashing hit year-round but it’s favoured most on this love-filled day. Beyond their beauty and fragrance, flowers are essentially Cupid’s messengers. Be it a sappy love song or your favourite romance novel, flowers, particularly red roses, are believed to be the universal sign of love. Hence why you’ll see tons of roses leading up to Valentine’s Day not only at flower shops but on the Internet too. Consider these Cupid-approved arrangements for your sweetheart:

Infinite Love Bouquet

Showcase your undying devotion to your favourite person this Valentine’s Day with a bouquet that resembles the passionate love story between two souls. Regardless if you’ve been together for a month, a year or even 20 years, keep the excitement and butterflies alive. This breathtaking arrangement is beautifully designed to keep that flame burning bright.

Shop Infinite Love Bouquet.

Price: RM298 - One size only

Love Struck Bouquet

This sexy bouquet needs no introduction. As the name suggests, these fragrant roses will steal the heart of your beloved within seconds, leaving them head over heels for you. Just like the first time they laid their eyes on you. Flushed cheeks and racing heart; so in love that they can’t think of anything else except their crush, aka you!

Shop Love Struck Bouquet.

Price: RM268 - Regular | RM388 - Medium | RM588 - Large

Rosabella Bloom Box

A heart-melting box of L.O.V.E. With a name like that, nobody could ever resist such beauty. Imagine receiving this on date night. Romantic candlelight dinner, a bottle of wine (or champagne) and some good ol’ lovin’. Cupid would be proud.

Shop Rosabella Bloom Box.

Price: RM368 - Regular | RM568 - Medium | RM768 - Large | RM1288 - Luxe

Zayla Bouquet

Roses are a Valentine’s tradition. But your special person is not a fan of them, what do you then? The answer is tulips! These springtime bulbs are an excellent alternative to roses for Valentine’s Day, especially the pink ones. Pink tulips are symbolic of affection, good wishes, and love. So, they’re not only tied to romantic partners. You can also send tulips to your besties and family members.  

Shop Zayla Bouquet.

Price: RM138 - Regular | RM218 - Medium | RM368 - Large

Pink Noir Bouquet

Pink but with an edge. A paradoxical masterpiece that elegantly blends the softness of delicate petals with the ‘loudness’ of hot pink. This bouquet is not for the faint of heart; it's for those who embrace their unique style and aren't afraid to show it off to the world. They’ll live life unapologetically, now and forever.

Shop Pink Noir Bouquet.

Price: RM338 - One size only

Nebula Bouquet

Date nights don’t have to be extravagant or fancy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Break away from the traditional red and pink and give her the stars. Boasting a cosmic masterpiece enveloped in black, this galactic bouquet would light up her world with its interstellar charm. No words are needed - just let the stars (and Nebula) work their magic.

Shop Nebula Bouquet.

Price: RM88 - Small | RM168 - Regular | RM268 - Medium | RM438 - Large

Sweetheart Bouquet

Okay, but what if your date is allergic to flowers? No problem. You can still surprise them with a bouquet of fragrant blooms - just not the actual ones. Introducing soap flowers. A gift that comes with practicality. Unlike fresh flowers that will inevitably wilt after a few days, soap flowers are crafted to last. These everlasting flowers retain their beauty and fragrance for an extended period, serving as a lasting reminder of your love and affection long after Valentine's Day has passed.

Shop Sweetheart Bouquet.

Price: RM188 - One size only


More Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

If you want to step up your gift-giving game, try bundling them up. These gift suggestions aren't merely ideas; they can be combined to create the ultimate Valentine’s Day surprise gift. Imagine a gift bundle curated by you exclusively for your special someone, complete with a lovely bouquet. Congratulations! The ‘Best Partner Award’ goes to you. 

Here are a few ideas to get that creative juices flowing and spark some inspiration. (Single folks, this is your time to shine and impress that secret crush of yours.) #GoBigOrGoHome

Spa Day at Home

Going out for date night can be challenging and tiring, especially when you have kids or you have a busy schedule. Sometimes the best dates are done at home and spending a day just chilling at home might be the best gift you’ll ever give your partner. 

Put together a spa gift basket filled with luxurious bath salts, scented candles, a plush robe, and skincare products, et voilà! A spa day in the comfort of your home. Pro tip: Mix some rose petals into the bathwater to boost the Valentine’s Day mood. You can also sprinkle rose petals on the bathroom floor or bed if you really want to embrace the casanova within.


From dainty necklaces and bracelets to sparkly earrings. You can opt for classic designs or choose something personalised to reflect their style and preferences. Pay attention to the jewellery pieces your partner would wear regularly to get some inspiration and take note of their ring size.

Experiential Gift

Plan a memorable experience and make it extra fun with an experiential gift you can do together! You can try attending a baking class, wine tasting, candle-making class or tickets to a concert or show they’ve been wanting to see. Do this and your date will shower you with hugs and kisses. You’re welcome.

Fragrance / Perfume

Fragrance when paired with flowers makes for a quintessential expression of love on Valentine's Day. The combined scents from the flowers and perfume will evoke emotions and memories, creating a sensory experience that is both captivating and memorable. Every time your partner wears the perfume, they'll be reminded of the special moments shared on Valentine’s Day.

Delectable Sweets

Yet another Valentine’s Day tradition. Giving sweets and flowers to the love of your life. Chocolates, cakes and other sweet treats are essentially, as Santa Barbara Chocolate put it, “an edible declaration of love.” How sweet.

The heavenly taste of these delicious goodies accompanied by the sweet aroma of flowers just makes sense on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps it has something to do with the sweet symbolism both gifts have, or simply an excuse to satisfy sweet tooths. We think it’s both.


There you have it. Your foolproof guide to the best Valentine's Day gifts. Now it's your turn to decide which one suits them best as you know them better than anyone else. No matter what you give your date for Valentine’s Day, remember that it's the thought and effort that you put into the gift that will truly make it special. Don’t sweat it. You got this.

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