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Article: 12 Bridal Bouquet Styles You Must Know Before You Settle On ‘The One’

12 Bridal Bouquet Styles You Must Know  Before You Settle On ‘The One’

12 Bridal Bouquet Styles You Must Know Before You Settle On ‘The One’

No two brides or wedding decors are ever the same. (Unless, of course, you’re twins with identical tastes and styles.) From lush and colourful to monochrome and perfectly symmetrical, bridal bouquets come in an array of stunning forms, each serving a singular purpose: to complement the bride’s wedding attire and tie the entire look together. But beyond their aesthetics, bridal bouquets also offer a gorgeous preview of the wedding decor to come.

Here are 12 gorgeous bridal bouquet styles you must know before you decide on a bouquet for your wedding day. Don't worry - we've included pictures to help you visualise each unique style. Let’s get started.

1. Round Bouquet

Credits to Style Me Pretty

The classic round bouquet is a timeless favourite among brides, cherished for its simplicity, chic elegance, and undeniable charm. This traditional bouquet is perfectly symmetrical when viewed from any angle, with all the flowers arranged at an even height, creating a harmonious and polished look.

Round bouquets typically feature minimal to no greenery at all, ensuring a clean, cohesive appearance that maintains its form beautifully. Often composed of a single type of flower tightly arranged in a dome shape, the round bouquet effortlessly exudes sophistication. If you wish to add a touch of variety, consider asking your florist to mix and match flowers of similar colours and textures, subtly breaking the uniformity while preserving the bouquet's elegant dome shape.

2. Nosegay Bouquet

Credits to Belli Fiori

The nosegay bouquet is the smallest bouquet style, featuring a petite and charming arrangement of a few flowers, often of the same type, cut to a uniform length. Unlike the lush and full round bouquet, the nosegay offers brides a chic yet understated statement of blooms, perfect for those seeking elegance without the splurge.

Nosegay bouquets are often chosen for flower girls or the mother of the bride. These bouquets typically have little to no foliage and are tightly wrapped with a simple ribbon or fabric, creating a refined minimalist look. Despite their modest size, nosegay bouquets bring a quiet sophistication to any wedding. 

3. Single-stem Bouquet

Credits to Captured By Georgie

Think bridal bouquets can't get any more minimalist? Enter the single-stem bridal bouquet. Imagine carrying one stunning bloom, perhaps adorned with some foliage to create a lush look. The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity, allowing a single flower to take centre stage.

Choosing the right flower is key - opt for something large and eye-catching like a protea, dahlia or peony. Not only does this bouquet make a chic and modern statement, but it’s also budget-friendly, making it a perfect choice for brides who want to make a big impact without breaking the bank. Embrace the elegance of minimalism with a single-stem bridal bouquet and let your chosen bloom shine on your special day.

4. Posy Bouquet

Credits to Nichole Babiez

Another crowd favourite is the posy bouquet. This bridal bouquet style is essentially a delightful blend of the round bouquet and the nosegay bouquet. While still small and charming, the posy bouquet is slightly larger than a nosegay, offering a bit more presence.

The posy bouquet features a looser, more relaxed design, giving brides the flexibility to include more greenery or keep it minimal. Its compact size makes it a popular choice for bridesmaid bouquets, adding a touch of elegance without overshadowing the bride. The petite arrangement of the posy bouquet ensures that you, aka the beautiful bride, and your stunning wedding dress gets all the spotlight.

5. Composite Bouquet

Credits to Two Ring Photography

A composite bouquet isn’t to be confused with a single-stem bouquet. This awe-inspiring bouquet is also known as a glamelia bouquet. While it may appear to be one giant flower, it's actually made from many individual pieces of one type of flower or different flowers. 

Each petal is meticulously shaped, glued, and wired to create the illusion of an oversized flower on a single stem! This intricate process involves a great deal of artistry and labour, which means this bridal bouquet is going to be pricey - regardless of what flower you choose. 

If you're looking for an unforgettable arrangement that showcases both elegance and creativity, the composite bouquet is perfect. This bouquet not only elevates your wedding day look but also allows your florist to demonstrate their artistic flair.

6. Hand-tied Bouquet

Credits to Wildflower & Willow

For a garden wedding, the loosely designed hand-tied bouquet is a popular choice. You might be thinking, "Aren't all bridal bouquets hand-tied?" True, but this style has a specific look. The hand-tied bouquet is perfect for brides who love a ‘natural’ design with a bit of asymmetry, giving the rustic appearance of freshly picked flowers tied by hand.

This medium-sized bouquet uses blooms and greenery of varying stem lengths to create a slightly asymmetrical and lush arrangement. A classic hand-tied bouquet has tightly bound stems, almost entirely wrapped in ribbon, while a romantic or rustic version might have the stems tied just below the blooms, allowing them to spread out at the base.

7. Asymmetrical Bouquet

Credits to Nouba

So, you love asymmetry? Why not fully embrace its beautiful imperfections with an asymmetrical bridal bouquet? While the hand-tied bouquet has a touch of asymmetry, this remarkable bouquet is intentionally designed that way. Asymmetrical bouquets celebrate the natural beauty of flowers rather than conforming them to a specific shape or pattern.

By using the flowers’ natural colours, forms, and movements, this contemporary bouquet style creates an unusual shape that steers away from symmetry, yet still captivates. The key feature of this bridal bouquet is that it doesn’t need to look the same on both sides. Obviously. Like the hand-tied bouquet, an asymmetrical bouquet often features a mix of foliage and blooms with varying colours, sizes, and textures, allowing for a mesmerising variation of carefully-selected blooms.

8. Pomander Bouquet

Credits to Angela Higgins

The pomander bouquet is an adorable ball-shaped floral arrangement that gracefully hangs from a ribbon worn around the wrist. This handy ribbon makes it easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for flower girls. 

Don’t be deceived by its petite size though; this bridal bouquet style demands a full 360-degree floral coverage, requiring meticulous craftsmanship. As a result, its cost can be higher than expected. Beyond being a pretty accessory, pomanders can also be elegantly hung from shepherd’s hooks, chair backs, or pews, making them a versatile wedding floral arrangement for ceremony aisle markers and decor.

9. Cascade Bouquet

Credits to Marion Moss

As the name suggests, the cascade bouquet boasts a distinct shape, with flowers flowing gracefully from a wide, rounded top to a narrow, tapering point, much like a waterfall. The length of a cascade bouquet can vary, with blooms draping halfway down or cascading almost to the floor. But this luxurious bouquet style isn’t for the budget-conscious, as it requires an array of flowers and meticulous wiring.

Orchids are the most common choice for this bouquet due to their naturally cascading shape. However, for a modern twist, some brides opt for a mix of other blooms and greenery that have similar cascading-like shapes, creating a unique and personalised take on traditional orchids.

10. Pageant Bouquet

Credits to Cinzia Bruschini

The pageant bouquet, also referred to as the presentation bouquet, is defined by how it’s held. Rather than holding the front and centre with both hands, this bouquet is cradled in the crook of one arm. Presentation bouquets or pageant bouquets are typically large and full, often featuring stalk-like flowers such as roses, calla lilies, and delphiniums. This style is perfect for vintage-themed weddings.

11. Crescent Bouquet

Credits to Green Wedding Shoes

A great option for a romantic or garden wedding, a crescent bouquet follows the shape of a crescent moon, with both sides curving down. A more ‘natural’ crescent bouquet may have the curved shape of cascading vines or greenery, while a more modern arrangement may highlight blooms throughout, and cascade them down in a very intentionally structured way.

12. Hoop Bouquet

Credits to OneLove Photography

Looking for something trendy and unique? Consider a hoop bouquet for your wedding day. This modern bouquet features a circular base made of metal or wood, adorned with blooms and foliage. The best part? There are no strict rules so you can design it however you like.

Perfect for boho or earthy weddings, the hoop bouquet adds a chic, contemporary touch to your special day. Costs can vary depending on the types and quantities of flowers and greenery used, making it a flexible option for various budgets.


So, have you decided on ‘The One’? Let us know which one’s your favourite bridal bouquet and what theme you will choose for your wedding. Check out our romantic collection of bridal bouquets and other wedding staples or reach out to us to customise your dream bridal bouquet.

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