How To Revive Your Bouquet From The Heat

Just like us, flowers can get floppy in the heat! This is because water is what props up their stems. Usually, they can hold their water while they travel to you. But when it’s hot, they can dehydrate faster and turn into "droopsters." So if yours have been patiently waiting for you to come home when it’s hot out, they might look a little sad when you unwrap them. But all is not lost. They can be easily revived with these four simple tricks.

1. Trim your stems at an angle

Floppy flowers need water in their stems fast. But the ends of your stems will feel dry and hard when you unwrap them. If you put them straight into a vase like this, it’ll be hard for the water to flow into them. So, make sure you trim your stems 3-5cm at an angle. This will give them as much surface area as possible to drink from!

2. Give them a big drink

Just like us on a hot day, flowers need lots of refreshment. This means they’ll drink their vase water faster than normal. Remember to check the water level every day and top up when needed. After a day in water, any droopsters should have perfectly perked up.

3. Refresh your vase water

Bacteria loves breeding in warm water. And if your flowers drink dirty water they’ll wilt faster. The simple solution? Refresh your vase water every couple of days! And for extra goodness, re-trim our stems by 1cm every time you change the water, too.

4. Keep your bouquet out of the sun

Did you know? Direct sunlight evaporates the water in your vase, as well as the water in your flowers really quickly! So keep your bouquet somewhere cool, like a corner coffee table. And definitely not on the windowsill.


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