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Article: Meet Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

Meet Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

Meet Aquamarine - The March Birthstone

March is here and so is spring - the season of rebirth and new beginnings. To all March babies, lovers of the ocean and fans of aquatic hues, let’s dive into the wonders of the aquamarine birthstone. 

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Aquamarine’s History, Folklore & Meanings

Just hearing its name conjures up cool waves and seafaring adventures, which is fitting for the March birthstone. The name aquamarine is derivative of the Latin words aqua meaning water, and marina meaning the sea. When combined translates to “seawater”. The name describes its greenish-blue colour and its association with ancient oceanic mythology. 

Have you ever imagined yourself as a mythical creature as a kid? Most often than not, little girls would dream of being a beautiful mermaid. The aquamarine’s stories do have mermaids but they aren’t as friendly as Disney’s Ariel. This enchanting birthstone is often linked to sirens - humanlike beings known to seduce sailors and lure them to a watery grave.

Ancient Romans prized aquamarine for decades and the myth surrounding this belief is rather interesting. Legend has it that the Roman Sea God, Neptune, obtained aquamarine when it fell out of the sirens' treasure chest, which ended up washed ashore. The Ancient Greeks’ beliefs were almost identical, with the gem being associated with the Greek God of the Sea, Poseidon. 

Both cultures believed that having aquamarine onboard a ship would appease the mighty sea god to calm rough waters and provide safe passage for seafarers. Hence, the coined nickname for aquamarine, “The Sailor’s Stone”. 

Aquamarine is also considered a magic mirror, like the sea reflecting the blue sky (or heaven). Its reflective properties were believed to reveal hidden aspects of reality and things deep within our souls. Fortune tellers used this gem to tell fortunes and predict futures.

The Aquamarine Gemstone Today

Aquamarine shades range from seafoam green to the palest blue. In the 1800s, the green varieties were the most popular, but today, those with a more blue shade are more desired. Essentially, the more sky-blue the stone is, the more valuable it will be. However, lighter-coloured aquamarine gems that resemble diamonds are not as expensive.

An interesting trait about the March birthstone is that, depending on the angle you are looking at, its colour may look blue, green or sometimes even colourless. This optical phenomenon is called “pleochroism.”

From earrings to dainty rings, the uses of aquamarine in fine jewelry are extensive. But they are most desirable as pendants when set into sterling silver or white gold as it brings out those blue-green twinkles of the aquamarine.

Aquamarine As A Birthstone

If you’re born in March, that makes you either a Pisces, the water sign that rules most of March known for your gentle soul and creativity. Or you could be the fiery and heads-on Aries. Regardless, both of you are ambitious and full of energy. 

However, despite your always-stay-positive attitude, you can get very secretive and moody for no reason and sometimes don't even talk to people. You should also make sure your health is in check March babies. Research shows those born in March are at the highest risk for heart diseases and have shorter lifespans. 

Thankfully for you March babies, aquamarine has got your back! Keeping it as a birthstone brings bountiful benefits and calming properties because of its relation to the sea and sky. Aquamarine evokes purity and the feeling of relaxation and serenity. It’ll feel like you’re on a beach vacay whenever this gem is with you.

But the March birthstone can do more than just soothe your weary soul. This gem could promote clarity and inspire love! Aquamarine was claimed to also bring happiness and rejuvenate relationships by rekindling love and desire between couples. And due to this, aquamarine is ideally gifted during 19th anniversaries.

Ready to dive into the wonders of the March birthstone? Shop The Aquamarine Collection and immerse yourself in waves of captivating flowers in blues and greens. You’ll definitely fall for their oceanic allure.

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