The May Birthstone - All About Emerald

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Known and treasured for its beauty, this dark green gemstone has captured the hearts of many for decades. Read on to learn more about the meaning of May’s birthstone, its history and more.

Emerald’s History & Meanings

The emerald’s name is derived from the Greek word smaragdus which literally translates to “green”. How cool is that? Besides its lustrous colour, the May birthstone is known to symbolise wealth, new beginnings, and unconditional love, to name a few. There are many meanings and symbolisms of the emerald based on various cultures, and most of them carry positive connotations.

The emerald birthstone was associated with fertility and luck during the Middle Ages. In the past, emeralds were used to treat ailments related to one’s physical conditions such as removing restlessness, re-energising weary travellers, and fending against malicious spirits. 

According to Hinduism, the heart chakra is connected with the colour green, making emeralds a symbol of the heart and universal love. This love symbology was also practised by Romans, who associated the emerald with Venus, the Goddess of Love.

Speaking of love, emeralds were also believed to serve as a type of truth potion for lovers. If one wanted to know if their lover’s promise was true, the May birthstone could help decipher it and unveil the truth!

Emeralds Are Pricier Than Diamonds

When it comes to rare and pricy gemstones, most of us would think of diamonds but turns out that emeralds are much rarer and more valuable than diamonds and, hence, often command a higher price. 

Did you know that an emerald's value increases with how dark or green the gem is? Yes, it’s true! The deeper or greener the emerald, the higher the value. In fact, the rarest and most expensive emerald gemstones have a striking green-blue hue.

Many royals adorned these majestic gemstones in their jewellery collection. With each one as beautiful and luxurious as the other. Emerald is a long-time favourite among royals, some of whom even had expeditions across land and sea to obtain such precious gem.

Today, emerald is used in jewellery that ranges in price from affordable to extraordinarily costly. Emeralds are one of a select group of coloured gemstones known as the “Big 3” together with sapphire and ruby because of their distinctive and intense green colour.

Emerald As A Birthstone

This springtime month offers passionate go-getters with bubbly personalities. If you’re born in May, you’re either an earth sign, Taurus, or an air sign, Gemini. 

While May-borns are cheerful and optimistic in general, like everyone else, they have their own negative qualities as well. Due to their goal-oriented and drive for success, these high-achievers can sometimes be stubborn and impulsive. May babies are also big spenders. They love to spend their money on lavish and (usually) unnecessary things.

Those born in the month of May who wear emerald jewellery or use emeralds in their home decor will be able to reap the favourable properties of this stone. As the birthstone for May, the emerald is believed to grant the person wisdom, good fortune, and youth. Emeralds are also said to be a powerful stone for manifestation and patience. 


So, if you’re looking to express your love and perhaps imbue some added meaning, choose the ever-mesmerising emerald. If you don’t fancy gemstones, then why not manifest the emerald’s powers through magical green arrangements?

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