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Take home elegance today and discover the beautiful symbolism of the Phalaenopsis Orchid. These beauties look stunning in a planter pot as they are in a bouquet - boasting long stems with fluttery flowers cascading down from each stem. They carry many meanings but the most common ones are admiration, wealth, fertility, beauty and love! 

Size: 40 cm (W) x 65 cm (H)

Stems included:  Phalaenopsis Orchid (2 stalks)

Lifespan: 1-3 months

*Pot design may change depending on seasonal availability.

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE REPLACED with flowers of similar quality, appearance or colour. Photos shown are used as a reference to the overall vibe and colour palette; the actual colours and design of the product may vary.

Sale priceRM288.00


Phalaenopsis Orchid (2 stalks)
Phalaenopsis Orchid (2 stalks) Sale priceRM288.00