Blooms of Joy: 9 Ways To Welcome Spring To Your Easter Decor

It might sound biased, but we are deeply fond of spring, given our love for flowers. After all, when spring arrives, it signals the onset of Easter along with the arrival of the gift-bearing fluffball! Easter happens to be the time when many flowers come to bloom. If you are planning a gathering, alongside delectable foods, you can impress your guests with stunning Easter flower arrangements to elevate this celebration to egg-straordinary heights.

The key is to step out of your comfort zone and embrace the challenge of mixing and matching. Regardless of your choice, opt for flowers and decor styles that reflect the spring season – think vibrant, lively, colourful, and joyous. This Easter, draw inspiration from these nine ways to welcome spring to your Easter decor. 

Easter Flower Decor Ideas

1. Pastel Petals

Addison Bloom Box

When Easter arrives, pastels steal the spotlight as a popular choice. These gentle shades perfectly enhance the spirit of springtime festivities. Interestingly, pastel colours hold significance as liturgical hues. To infuse your home with the charm of pastels, flowers reign supreme. For an ideal bouquet tailored to this pastel-centric holiday, look no further than a delightful flower arrangement in soft shades!

2. Woodsy Wildflowers

Credits to Angella Floral

Transport guests to an enchanted woodland this Easter. If you are up for a challenge, you can try crafting your own log vase or get a ready-made one online. Otherwise, you can always ask your local florist to customise this rustic wildflowers arrangement for your Easter decor. 

3. Candy Centrepiece

Credits to Rosemary & Thyme

Infuse your flowers with the spirit of the season by creating a sweet Easter-themed centrepiece using actual sweets! You will need colourful spring flowers, yummy candy and two glass jars or vases of different sizes. You can use any candy you like. Jelly beans, chocolate eggs - let your creativity decide. Get the tutorial now at Rosemary & Thyme.

4. Rosy Posy

Ariella Vase

Roses symbolise various sentiments beyond romantic love, which is why they are not only for romantic celebrations. The roses’ versatility allows them to convey renewal, hope, and joy, aligning closely with Easter's themes. Try incorporating roses into your Easter decor this year and impress your guests with their beauty and fragrance. Pink, purple, white and yellow roses are excellent choices.

5. Easter Bunny’s Carrot Stash

Credits to Love Grows Wild

The Easter bunny is sure to love this Easter flower decor! Use flower foam to hold carrots and blooms in place. No flower foam? No problem. Submerge the carrots directly in the water-filled vase, et voilà. You can choose whichever flowers you want, but we highly recommend tulips, chrysanthemums and sunflowers. Learn how to make this Easter Bunny-approved centrepiece at Love Grows Wild.

6. Garden of Easter

Credits to Home With Holiday

Find yourself an artificial grass table runner and turn it into a mini Garden of Easter. If you cannot find a grass table runner, easily recreate the Easter scenery using a green tablecloth. Decorate your "garden" with colourful Easter eggs, chocolatey treats, bunnies and spring flowers. You can place the flowers in vases. But if you don't have any vases or vessels to put them in, tie the flowers up into bunches. Pro tip for those using vases: Add variety and dimension using flowers with different stem heights.

7. Single-stems

Credits to Cottonbro Studio

Speaking of stems, here is a neat idea you can try. We understand how time-consuming decorating can be, especially when the decor demands a specific theme. So, why not opt for a minimal yet classy approach this Easter?

Place single-stem blooms in slim glass vases, mason jars or even those oddly shaped ones. Elevate the whimsical factor by incorporating teapots or teacups. Not everyone has the time and budget for a full-scale Easter decor, but that does not mean you have to dull down the fun Easter aesthetics. P.S. Perfect for last-minute decorators as well.

8. Blooming Eggs

Credits to Stone Gable

Invite the magic of Easter with this egg-citing idea. Short, tiny flowers like daisies or chamomile are perfect for creating this cute Easter arrangement. Get the tutorial now at Stone Gable

If you're feeling adventurous, consider crafting a paper mache egg. This could also serve as an Easter family project, adding an extra layer of fun to the holiday festivities.

9. Easter Flower Basket

Credits to Randi Garrett Design

When in doubt, get a flower basket. You can never go wrong with a basket of fresh springtime flowers for Easter! Add a few hand-painted real or faux eggs, candles and some treats while at it, and now you are Easter-ready. Want to make it egg-stra special? Substitute the basket with a nest. 


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