Effortlessly Glamourise Your Raya With Flowers

We are just days away from Hari Raya. Amidst the hustle and bustle, finding time to adorn our homes might seem daunting. But fret not, for we have the perfect solution to your decor dilemma – especially for those last-minute decorators among us. 

Using flowers to decorate your home not only adds the beauty of nature indoors with an array of colours but flowers also serve the practical purpose of keeping the air fresh. Jom, let's infuse this Raya with floral radiance!

Glamourise Your Home With Flowers

Every room is a blank canvas, waiting for the artist to “paint” it with flowers. This demonstrates the powerful impact of flowers on any setting. Are you ready to embrace the blooming artist within you? This year, try decorating with flowers and see how they effortlessly spruce up your home for Raya.

Time is of the essence. So, we removed the guesswork and research for you to make it easier. Here are three effortless ways to glamourise your home using flowers.

Back to Basics
White flowers in glass vases

Credits to Nadia Volka

Flowers, a quintessential element in almost any event, whether grand or small, often grace the scene in elegant vases. Be it in identical vases or vases of varying sizes and heights. 

From private gatherings to extravagant weddings, flower vases play an important role in showcasing the beauty of blooms. Yet, their purpose extends beyond vessels for water; they serve as captivating focal points and adornments, elevating any space they inhabit.

Suri Vase

Suri Vase

Elevate your Raya celebrations effortlessly with the beauty of our Suri Vase. Embracing themes of gratitude and gracefulness, the flowers it holds will imbue your home with the freshness of nature and a sense of blissful joy.

A Basket of Blossoming Love
Flowers in a wicker basket

Credits to Brigitte Tohm

If you are a fan of the cottagecore aesthetic, then flower baskets are a must-have in your Raya decor! 

Flower baskets, adorned with their delightful surprises of blooms, captivate with their versatility. As centrepieces, flower baskets are the epitome of cottagecore. Plus, they are an eco-friendly choice that gives more than just a burst of floral splendour – they also promise reusability and sustainability. 

On their own, flowers are inherently gorgeous. But when arranged in a basket, each petal nestled within transforms into something more. This is because the basket itself weaves an interesting “natural” texture into the arrangement, subtly enhancing the overall aesthetic. 

Phyllis Basket

Phyllis Basket

Glamourise your Hari Raya celebrations with the beautiful Phyllis Basket, a stunning basket of blossoming love. Besides their visual appeal, these blossoms carry the ethereal fragrance of nature that will turn your home into a floral haven!

Everlasting Elegance
Dried flowers in a ceramic vase

Credits to Tiago Alexandre Lopes

If you want something that is truly easy peasy lemon squeezy, then look no further than flowers that last years. With all the busy Raya preparations, who has the time to care for flowers? Enter dried and preserved flowers - effortless at its finest! 

Unlike fresh flowers, dried and preserved flowers can retain their beauty and “freshness” for an extended period so you can enjoy them even after Raya ends. Yes. This means less time tending to blooms and more time indulging in kuih raya, and if you are lucky, collecting duit raya (fingers crossed! 😂).

But there is more to dried and preserved flowers than just convenience. Their enduring nature mirrors the timeless essence of Raya and Ramadan itself. They embody unconditional love, everlasting gratitude, and unity cherished during these joyous occasions.

Eid Eternal Vase

Eid Eternal Vase

Set the scene with Eid Eternal – an exquisite collection of long-lasting blooms thoughtfully arranged in a vase. This timeless centrepiece will enrich your Raya with everlasting elegance through its fresh and airy colour palette, evoking a sense of serenity and perpetual joy.

Share Sweetness & Gratitude With Us

Crescent Bloom Bundle

Crescent Bloom Bundle - Raya 2024 Collection

Hari Raya would be incomplete without sharing sweetness with loved ones! This year (2024), we are working together with Cookiecrumbs to make your Raya a deliciously memorable celebration - decked in ooey gooey cookies and breathtaking flowers. Each sweet treat is baked with love and 100% halal ingredients while every flower promises themes of gratitude and forgiveness. Surprise your family and friends today with these exclusive Raya Gift Sets.

For inquiries, reach out to our team here or on our socials. The entire Luna Floral Team wishes you and your family Selamat Hari Raya! Maaf zahir dan batin. Don’t forget to tag us with #LunaSociete so we can see you with our Raya flowers and gifts. ✨


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