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Article: Father's Day Gift Ideas: Masculine Flowers To Surprise Your Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Masculine Flowers To Surprise Your Dad

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Masculine Flowers To Surprise Your Dad

Father’s Day is this Sunday! Have you thought of what to give your dad yet? This year, why not boost the fun by celebrating with flower power? Moms aren’t the only ones that should receive flowers. Send your love to dad this Father’s Day with gorgeous flowers! Here are our favourite masculine flowers that are perfect to surprise your dad on this special day.

Red Roses

Close up of red roses

Credits to Oleksandr P

Red roses are the universal symbol of love. But these gorgeous blooms aren’t just for ladies. For all the lovely wives out there, this is your time to shine and embrace the casanova within you. Show your handsome man just how romantic you can be with this romance classic. Surprise him with velvety red roses this Father's Day and let the roses express your love and affection towards him!

White Roses

Three white roses

Credits to Oleksandr P

If you’re not feeling as bold and want something a little more subtle, try gifting your hero white roses instead for Father’s Day. Besides love, innocence and purity, these classy roses also symbolise eternal loyalty. 

Additionally, white roses represent your appreciation for another person’s support, serving as a way to tell someone that they’re guiding you through life. This makes white roses a particularly thoughtful gift for fathers.


Sunflowers in a woven basket

Credits to Anna Tarazevich

These joyful blooms are popular for the occasion due to their sunny shade and universal appeal. Did you know that sending sunflowers to someone is a way to wish them a long and happy life? This makes sunflowers all the more special as a Father’s Day gift for the No.1 Dad in the world. The colour yellow also signifies joy, optimism and friendship. This Father’s Day, spread happiness and positivity with sunflowers!

White Orchids

Close up shot of white orchids

Credits to Jeffry Surianto

Consider white orchids as a gift for your husband, dad, father-in-law or even grandpa this Father’s Day. With their minimalist and gender-neutral look, white orchids make an elegant addition to any home or office.

Beyond their pristine blossoms and rich symbolism, white orchids emit a calming energy, making them perfect as a quick pick-me-up to keep stressors from work and everyday life at bay. These stunning blooms will easily brighten up any room and invite relaxation with their snow-white petals. Plus, white orchids are relatively easy to maintain.


Blooming hydrangeas

Credits to Liudmyla Shalimova

Native to eastern Asia, hydrangeas are adored by their clusters of cloud-like blooms. While the lush and androgynous design looks great in any bouquet, hydrangeas are just as stunning on their own. 

If you’re looking to surprise your dad, husband or grandpa this Father’s Day with a huge cloud of fluttery love, hydrangeas are your best choice. Giving hydrangeas to someone means you’re expressing your heartfelt emotion and gratitude, deepening the meaning of your gift. The best hydrangea colours for Father’s Day are white, purple and green.


Close up shot of tulips

Credits to Ylanite Koppens

A vibrant bouquet of tulips are perfect to represent a father who is cheerful and free-spirited. These spring flowers symbolise renewal, deep love and happiness. Plus, they come in all the colours of the rainbow and can even be dyed to your desired shade! How cool is that? 

Since tulips are harbingers of the spring season, pairing them with fruits makes perfect sense. If you want to give something nutritiously delightful for your dad, husband, grandpa or even father-in-law this Father’s Day, bundle up pretty tulips and fresh fruits in a gift basket.


Composition of pink and white gerbera daisies

Credits to Karolina Kaboompics

Another excellent flower choice for Father’s Day are gerberas. They come in a variety of colours, making it easier to choose his favourite colours. In general, gerberas represent innocence, purity, cheerfulness and loyal love. 

Fun fact: gerberas are a natural home remedy for a goodnight’s sleep. These brilliant blooms release extra oxygen into the air at night, increasing oxygen levels. If you have allergies or sleep apnea, gerbera daisies can help you sleep better.

Dried & Preserved Flowers

Dried flower arrangement on wooden chair

Credits to Cottonbro Studio

For something long-lasting, consider giving your hero a bespoke arrangement of dried and preserved flowers for Father’s Day. This heartwarming gift will stand the test of time, giving your beloved father or father figure ample time to appreciate your lovely gesture - years to be exact. The minimal upkeep is also a huge plus point. No need to worry about watering and trimming.


Though it may seem that flowers are only gifted to women, flowers are universally adored by everyone and your dad is no exception. So here's to dad, pa, daddy, papa - regardless of who you call him, let's celebrate fatherhood and honour these powerful men's sacrifices with lovely flowers!

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