Last-Minute Mother’s Day Flowers - Handpicked For Every Mom

Did Mother’s Day sneak up on you? We celebrate it every year and yet, some of us still forget. Mother’s Day is only days away from now - five days to be exact! But fret not flower lovers. We have rounded up the best gifts for every mom type in your life to save you from the headache and last-minute panic.

Why Flowers Make The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

So you plan on surprising mom this year with something big? Sure, you can spoil mom with a lavish weekend getaway or even buy her a new ride. But nothing beats a heartwarming bouquet on this special day. When it comes to gift-giving, people often think the more expensive it is, the better, or the more ‘unique’ the gift is, the better the surprise will be. 

Do not get us wrong. An extravagant gift is great, and if you have the budget, by all means. But sometimes less is more. Though people may think sending flowers on Mother’s Day is a bit cliché, flowers remain the number one choice for Mother’s Day gifts. 

Why? Well, flowers are readily-available and customisable. They come in various colours and sizes to compliment your budget. To make it extra thoughtful, bouquets often come with message cards in which you can choose to have your message digitally printed or handwritten. 

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Mother’s Day Flowers For Every Mom

Anyone would be delighted to receive these little gifts of Mother Nature - even more so mothers. Flowers simply have that effect on people. They make you happy by adding colours and good vibes to brighten your day.

This Mother’s Day, why not spoil your mom with flowers as beautiful as she is? Whether she is a new mom, a beloved grandma, or even if she is not typically a fan of flowers, we have something special for every mom. Yes, for non-green thumbs too.

Side note: these are merely ideas to inspire you. Each of the flower gifts listed below are not tied to one specific category. So, feel free to choose a gift that speaks to your heart.

Best Gifts For New Moms

-  Petal Parade Bouquet
Petal Parade Bouquet

Of course, at the top of all flowers for Mother’s Day, carnations reign supreme. An added perk? These fluffy blooms offer an affordable option without compromising on beauty. Pink carnations in particular are perfect for new moms as their colours mirror a mother’s beating heart and her undying love for her family. 

Moreover, pink is associated with gratitude and youthfulness, making this pinky ensemble an excellent choice for new moms to celebrate the journey of motherhood and the boundless energy of childhood that awaits!

Shop Petal Parade Bouquet.

Price: RM209 - Regular | RM339 - Medium | RM459 - Large

- Sweet Embrace Bloom Box
Sweet Embrace Bloom Box

Becoming a new mom is a transformative experience, and during such time, new moms need all the love and support they can get. This dainty arrangement will help you do just that. Express your heartfelt sentiments to the new mom in your life with the gift of flowers. Each blossom will uplift her spirit and provide comfort to her soul as delicate and as sweet as a mother’s embrace.

Shop Sweet Embrace Bloom Box.

Price: RM299 - One size only

Best Gifts For Grandma

- Petals of Love Bouquet
Petals of Love Bouquet

Grandmas need love too. This Mother’s Day, easily express the words ‘I love you’ to your beautiful grandma with a bouquet that will earn you the ‘Best Grandchild Award’. Most people would opt for red or pink, so how about trying something different for a change? If you need something unique yet captivatingly delightful, look no further than the Petals of Love Bouquet.

Shop Petals of Love Bouquet.

Price: RM289 - Regular | RM429 - Medium | RM589 - Large

- Eternal Bond Basket
Eternal Bond Basket

Show your beloved grandma just how much she means to you with a basket full of blooms. You can do so by surprising her with a sunset scenery captured through the language of flowers. Meet the Eternal Bond Basket. Even unsentimental types will treasure this sun kissed gift.

Want extra brownie points? Mix in a few of her favourite snacks or health-boosting delights like bird’s nest or tea. The best thing about flower baskets is that they are reusable. Meaning, your grandma can repurpose the basket into whatever she desires - as a decorative piece, storage or even as a rustic planter. (Psst. This is a perfect gift for mothers-in-law too.) 

Shop Eternal Bond Basket.

Price: RM329 - One size only


Best Gifts For The Loving Wife

- Savannah Vase
Savannah Vase

Your wife is a beacon of light in your life, deserving of the finest treasures - or in this case, flowers. Show her worth with a gift that dazzles as radiantly as her personality. Introducing our Savannah Vase, a masterpiece that marries fragrant peonies, carnations and more.

‘He gifted this to me’ will be the words clouding her mind, her heart overflowing with gratitude as she admires this breathtaking gift. Let the love of your life moon over such beauty for days, enchanted by your thoughtful gesture.

Shop Savannah Vase.

Price: RM439 - One size only

- Blossom Bliss Bouquet
Blossom Bliss Bouquet

We are all familiar with the comforting embrace of a mother. Its warmth and reassurance envelopes us in moments of need. Why not mirror that comforting feeling for the mother of your children? 

This Mother’s Day, surprise her with the Blossom Bliss Bouquet, where every petal exudes vintage charm and gracefulness. A gift as tender and soothing as the love she showers upon your family. This is more than a bouquet; it is a heartwarming expression of gratitude and admiration for the nurturing soul she embodies.

Shop Blossom Bliss Bouquet.

Price: RM259 - Regular | RM399 - Medium | RM559 - Large

Best Gifts For Peony Lovers

- Peony Treasure Bouquet
Peony Treasure Bouquet

Prepare to be swept away by the mesmerising allure of the peony, rightfully hailed as the queen of flowers. Want a reason to spoil mom (not that you need any) on Mother’s Day? Here is your ‘green light’ to splurge: let mom indulge in a cornucopia of lush peonies crafted to impress. This luxurious gift of love carries with it an air of royalty, making it the perfect gift fit for the queen of your heart. 

Shop Peony Treasure Bouquet.

Price: RM539 - One size only

- Garden Symphony Basket
Garden Symphony Basket

Mom’s heart will sing with pure happiness when she receives this thoughtful gift for Mother’s Day. Embrace the inner virtuoso within as you serenade your unconditional love to mom with this gorgeous flower basket. Let the symphony of your soul bloom through a harmonious collection of fresh peonies, carnations and roses. 

Shop Garden Symphony Basket.

Price: RM339 - One size only

Best Gifts For Non-Green Thumbs

- Delia Bouquet
Delia Bouquet

Your mom loves flowers but flower care is just not her forté? Delight mom with some soap flower magic for Mother’s Day. These fragrant blooms not only bring floral elegance to your mom’s living space but they also offer practicality. No watering and tending needed, and last years! This long-lasting gift is also perfect for those allergic to flowers.

Shop Delia Bouquet.

Price: RM189 - One size only

- Esme Bouquet
Esme Bouquet

You might be thinking, 'Flowers for someone who cannot even keep a cactus alive? Bad idea.' Hold onto your gardening gloves, because here is a fun fact: carnations are tough cookies in the floral world. 

They can outlast even your favourite houseplant, boasting a lifespan of up to three weeks with minimal upkeep. So, even after Mother's Day passes, your mom can still enjoy her carnations. Plus, carnations are available year-round - they are like that one friend who always has your back when you need them. 

Shop Esme Bouquet.

Price: RM239 - One size only

Best Gift For Non-Flower Lovers

- Blushing Peony Bouquet
Blushing Peony Bouquet

‘First the flowers for non-green thumbs and now this?’ Okay, bear with us here - gifting flowers to someone who is not exactly a flower enthusiast might sound a bit out there. We agree, it sounds crazy. But hey, hear us out. Sometimes, the most appreciated gifts are the simple ones and the ones that catch you off guard. 

Enter the Blushing Peony Bouquet. This gift offers you the option to give a single peony to your not-so-flower-loving mom this Mother’s Day. And who knows? You might just surprise her, or even better, she might develop a newfound love for flowers after all.

Shop Blushing Peony Bouquet.

Price: RM99 - Small | RM269 - Regular | RM469 - Medium

- Love Embrace Gift Set
Love Embrace Gift Set

Imagine wanting to pamper your beautiful mother with a luxurious spa day, only to find that your budget does not quite stretch that far. Don't despair! Introducing the Love Embrace Gift Set - a perfect solution to bring home a spa-like experience without burning a hole in your wallet.

This gift of relaxation has everything she needs for a blissful retreat, from floral teas to delightful soap flowers that will freshen up her home. Plus, with a reusable bamboo steamer included, she can savour delicious steamed dishes after. Give mom a well-deserved rest this Mother’s Day with this thoughtful gift!

Shop Love Embrace Gift Set.

Price: RM239

Ready to spoil mom and make her the happiest she has ever been this Mother’s Day? Choose a floral arrangement that best suits your mom according to the list above or simply select a different design from our Mother's Day Collection. No matter what you decide to give her, your mom will love and appreciate your gift regardless.

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