Singles' Day: How To Celebrate China's Biggest Shopping Festival

We hope you’ve saved up because it's time for a shopping spree! One of the biggest sales is here yet again. In this article, we've rounded up on everything you need to know about China’s biggest shopping festival and how you can celebrate on Singles' Day – non-singles are also invited.

What is Singles’ Day?

Singles' Day is essentially a day dedicated to single people to celebrate their independence, indulge, and enjoy their freedom. It also encourages singles to focus more on practising self-love.

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The idea of Singles’ Day (光棍节 guāng gùn jié) came about in 1993 when a group of students from Nanjing University in China thought of a genius idea of dedicating a day to all the singles in the world. They chose November 11th simply because of how this date looks numerically (11.11) as they resemble four lonely sticks. 🥲 The name of this unofficial holiday literally translates to “single sticks holiday”.

Back then, it was called Bachelors’ Day, however, it's now known as Double 11 (双十一 shuāng shí yī) since it takes place on November 11th every year. 

How Does China Celebrate Singles’ Day?

Singles' Day has evolved into a shopping extravaganza in China, thanks to the efforts of Alibaba. The Chinese e-commerce giant launched a massive online shopping promotion on Singles' Day in 2009, offering tons of irresistible discounts to shoppers. 

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It was a huge success, and other e-commerce platforms soon followed suit. Singles' Day has since become the largest online shopping day in the world, with sales reaching billions of dollars. 

On Singles’ Day, every store in the bustling city is covered with sale signs. As a result, you can shop for anything your heart desires at rock-bottom prices, from food to clothes and even electronic gadgets. You'll be spoilt for choice!

The annual shopping event is seen as the epitome of indulgence and treating oneself. Besides shopping to their hearts’ content, the citizens of China indulge in various activities including dinner parties, karaoke nights and matchmaking events for those who are single.

Singles’ Day in the U.S

Although Singles' Day is not as widely celebrated in Western cultures as it is in China, it still is a day for single people to enjoy their independence and embrace their single status. In the United States, National Singles’ Day is celebrated on September 22nd.

Like Singles’ Day in China, this special day is about celebrating singlehood, self-love, individuality, and self-discovery. Rather than being associated solely with romantic status, this day is about embracing independence and focusing on personal growth. On National Singles’ Day, individuals take this opportunity to learn new skills and try new hobbies.

How Can You Celebrate Singles’ Day?

If couples can use Valentine’s Day as an excuse for a romantic getaway, we think Singles' Day is a valid reason to treat yourself. Maybe it’s finally time you book that flight or buy that cute dress you’ve been dying to get. 

Heart-shaped chocolate boxes and romantic dinners are out of the window. No, scratch that. Singles’ Day is about treating yourself so if you want to, you can buy all the chocolate you want and book a fancy restaurant for the ultimate self-love treat.

You don’t have to travel all the way to China to enjoy this special day. One of the best (and most obvious) ways to celebrate Singles’ Day is to shop til’ you drop. So, a trip to your local mall could suffice. But this is 2023 – everything is only a click away. You can shop for the best deals on 11.11 from your bed or your couch.

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If you’re not hopping on the shopping spree bandwagon, that’s okay too. You can stay at home and get comfy in your PJs and relax.

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There’s no one right way to celebrate Singles’ Day. Remember, this day is about YOU and appreciating yourself so do things that make you happy and shape your own celebrations.

Self-love Through Flowers

Singles' Day is a celebration of freedom, independence, and self-love. Why not treat yourself to some beautiful flowers this year? Treating yourself to some beautiful flowers on Singles' Day can be an inspirational act of self-love. 

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Flowers are a symbol of love, beauty, and joy, and they have the power to brighten up anyone's day. By buying flowers for yourself, you can show yourself some much-needed TLC, boost your mood, and break the stigma around being single. 

Whether you prefer roses, daisies, or sunflowers, there is a flower out there that will make you smile. So go ahead, and celebrate your independence in style this Singles' Day with a bunch of pretty blooms that will not only brighten up your home but also your mood.


In sum, this day acts as a reminder for all of us on the importance of appreciating oneself and embracing self-love. Regardless of your relationship status, Singles' Day is an opportunity to discover yourself, try new things and maybe even do some shopping. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate Singles’ Day, Double 11 – whatever you want to call it – we’re confident that it will be a blast, especially, if flowers are on your shopping list. Celebrate Singles’ Day with us and treat yourself to some beautiful flowers! 

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