Are You Lucky Enough To Celebrate A Golden Birthday?

Happy birthday! A phrase that every kid gets super excited to hear each year. This is especially true if you’re one of the lucky ones whose birthday falls on a school day. Mmhm. We know you like the attention. 😏

Back then, we would count the days to our birthday, excited to unwrap all the birthday gifts, stuff our faces with cake, and spend some good old time with our loved ones. However, as you get older, birthdays feel like normal days in a week. You don’t want to party and all you want to do is just lie in bed all day – and that’s totally fine.

But it doesn’t hurt to celebrate every now and then. So if there’s one birthday you must celebrate, it’s your Golden Birthday! 

In this article, we’ll unravel the sparkly wonders of the Golden Birthday and how you can celebrate – plus some exciting gift ideas. 

The Origins of A Golden Birthday

Golden Birthdays originated in the United States in the 1950s. Joan Bramsch, a midwestern author, started celebrating her five children’s Golden Birthdays. This “lucky birthday” concept caught on with her friends and family, and it spread across the world. 

What Is A Golden Birthday?

Contrary to popular belief, a Golden Birthday is not when you turn 50 years old. Essentially, a Golden Birthday is when the day of the month you were born matches perfectly with your age. Say you were born on August 25th, and you turn 25 years old on that day, then that’s your Golden Birthday! Simple right? Here’s another example, you turn 30 on October 30th.

Women celebrating a birthday

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Why Is It Called A Golden Birthday?

The main reason why it's called a Golden Birthday is because it’s a rare occurrence that happens only once in a lifetime for each individual, making it truly special. While most people call it a Golden Birthday, others call it a Champagne Birthday or a Lucky Birthday. 

However, a Golden Birthday celebration is more than just numbers. The “golden” or "lucky" aspect represents the value of the birthday itself. It holds a symbolic meaning of an auspicious celebration. It’s a time for reflection, appreciation, and embracing the joys and challenges of ageing.

Person holding gold letter balloons

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Does Everyone Get A Golden Birthday?

Yes! In fact, most people may not even realise they had a Golden Birthday and missed it. Depending on the age you’re turning that year, there are many fun ways to celebrate it. Have you celebrated your Golden Birthday or are you about to? If you or someone you know is entering their golden year, this is the perfect excuse to throw a gold-themed birthday party!

I Missed My Golden Birthday

Cheer up, buttercup. If you missed your golden birthday, we’ve got some great news for you. You might have another one coming around the corner. Only this time, it’s “upgraded” to a Platinum Birthday – when you turn the age of your birth year. So, if you were born in 1968, then your Platinum Birthday would be when you turn 68.

How To Celebrate A Golden Birthday?

It’s no surprise that a gold-themed birthday party is the obvious way to celebrate your Golden Birthday. All the glitz and glam, baby! Think sparkly decor, gold confetti and balloons, and of course, champagne! 

Several people clinking their wine glasses together

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Get your groove on with a 90s dance party or savour the sensory pleasure of champagne at a classy Hollywood theme party. For family-friendly options, you can host a royal princess party, a Harry Potter-inspired birthday, or even a celestial-style birthday bash filled with shiny stars and moons. 

Any party can become a little more magical with a hint of gold. Have fun and let your imagination run wild.

Woman looking at falling confetti

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Celebrating your golden birthday is a once-in-a-lifetime event so it deserves to be celebrated in the most memorable way possible. But Golden Birthday celebrations are as unique as the individuals themselves. 

It’s not so much about the over-the-top decor or the amount of money you put into it. It's about being grateful for the lasting memories and cherishing this remarkable milestone with loved ones. Therefore, celebrate in a way that resonates with you or the birthday person. 

Golden Birthday Gift Ideas

What do you give someone for their golden birthday? There are tons of gift options out there you can choose for a Golden Birthday. But here are a few of our favourites:

1. Gold Jewellery

Woman wearing gold jewellery

Credits to Vlada Karpovich

Gold jewellery is the most obvious gift choice for celebrating milestone events, which makes it perfect for Golden Birthdays. Gold has been a symbol of luxury and prosperity for centuries and has always been associated with love, loyalty, and commitment. When you give someone gold jewellery, you're not only giving an exquisite piece of art, but you're also giving them a beautiful, everlasting gift.

What makes keepsake gifts like gold jewellery all the more special is their sentimental value. They’re the physical representation of the love and effort that went into choosing the perfect gift and serve as a memento of that special moment that will last a lifetime.

2. A Birthday Trip

Travelling can be a fantastic way to spend a birthday, especially if it’s for celebrating a milestone occasion like a Golden Birthday. Anyone would be thrilled to go on a birthday trip and it’s probably one of the best gifts one could ever receive! 

3. A Full (Luxurious) Spa Day

Nothing screams self-care like treating yourself to a full spa day. And your Golden Birthday is the ideal time for you to relax and unwind from everyday life. Find the most relaxing spa in town and check yourself in for a full day of pampering. Mud baths, hot stone massages, facials, you name it.

Woman on a spa day

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4. See A Live Game or A Live Concert

Do we need to elaborate on this more? Let’s be real. Getting to see the biggest sporting event or your favourite artist first-hand? A million times yes! Those die-hard fans will forever be grateful for this experience.

5. Gold-themed Flower Arrangements

Golden birthday gift but make it floral. The easiest way to celebrate a Golden Birthday is by incorporating flowers. Fresh blooms or preserved ones? You decide. Regardless of whether you choose to decorate with flowers, wear a flower crown, or give gold-themed flowers as gifts, flowers add beauty and the freshness of nature to any celebration.

Gold-themed floral arrangement

Credits to Bertie Does

Do you plan on throwing a lavish party or a small get-together? No matter how big or small the event will be, the essence behind celebrating Golden Birthdays is to commemorate a huge milestone that signifies personal growth and new beginnings. Embrace the magic of age and make your golden birthday a moment to treasure!

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