8 Bewitchingly Beautiful Halloween Flower Arrangements You Must Try

Boo! Happy Halloween, flower enthusiasts! As we all know by now, flowers are a year-round staple at home. They set the mood for any occasion, bringing beauty and a splash of colour to your decor, and Halloween is no exception. 

You may not think of this spooky occasion as one that calls for dainty florals but we beg to differ. Incorporating flowers both fresh and dead (by ‘dead’, we mean dried or preserved) can elevate your decor scene to a whole new ghoulish level - if done correctly, that is.

So, whether you're hosting a Halloween bash or just want to revamp your Halloween decor from the typical skeletons and DIY hanging bats, try re-creating one of these spooky Halloween flower arrangements this year.

Dark, Moody & Tons of Textures

Preparation is key as it’s a crucial piece of any floral design. If you’re planning on throwing a Halloween-themed party, especially when flowers are the main focus of the decor, the flowers and vessels you use will either make or break the entire design. But it all depends on the look and atmosphere that you’re going for. So, make sure to plan ahead.


Credits to Alice Silver

Choose colours that play into the mood of Halloween but this doesn’t mean that you need to stick to only traditional black and orange in your flower arrangements. The best way to incorporate the spook factor into your Halloween flower arrangements is by going for the less-is-more approach. Yes, too much spooky is a thing so don’t overdo it.

What about textures? Texture in floral design involves the interplay of flowers and plants of varying sizes, shapes, and feel. Textures are your best friend when it comes to Halloween flower decor. From pampas grass, branches and ferns to berries and scabiosa pods. The possibilities are endless! Using different textures in your Halloween flower arrangements can add dimension and character to the overall design.

8 Halloween Flower Arrangement You Must Try

A carefully arranged floral design can help set the tone of the occasion. While mums and roses aren't exactly terrifying, there are many ways you can ensure your Halloween flower arrangements are scary good. From skull vases to an all-black centrepiece these Halloween flower arrangements are so bewitchingly beautiful that they'll give you chills!

1. Skull / Skeleton Vases

Forget glass vases. Make your flowers frightfully festive with skull vases instead. Visit your local craft store or party shop to snag a skull or two. But don’t stop there. You can even spookify your own vases using other skeletal parts like hands (or mini skeletons) to add variety. No matter what flowers you put inside, these vases will bring the haunts on Halloween night. 

Fresh flowers in decorative skull

Credits to The Merrythought

2. Sunny Harvest

Halloween doesn’t have to be all dark and moody. Try welcoming your Halloween party guests with the vibrant and sunny cheers of sunflowers to brighten the room! To amp up the autumn vibes even more, you can mix in some orange roses and yellow alstroemeria. Bright flowers can add a pop of colour while still maintaining the vibe of the season. 

A bouquet of bright flowers

Credits to Amelia Cui

3. Dreamy White Halloween

Everyone’s dreaming about a white Christmas but what about a white Halloween? Something about an all-white palette amongst autumnal elements at nighttime just gives off an eerily dreamy sight. There’s no specific flower for this one; any white flower will do the trick. You may also choose to break off the monochromatic look by adding other neutral shades like beige or ivory. Quicksand roses are perfect for this.

White fall decor

Credits to Now Weddings

4. Wild and Whimsical

Add a bit of hocus pocus to your flower arrangements with witchy tones like purple, green, burgundy, and black. If you’re going for a more subtle display, we suggest using multiple shades of purple for an enchanting ombré effect combined with a few dark blooms to maintain the spooky theme. Bright purple also pairs well with lush greenery as it adds a whimsy charm to the design.

Purple flowers in a vase

Credits to Little Flower School Brooklyn

5. Jack-O’-Flora

Time to get crafty. Step up your Halloween decor game with actual pumpkins. Pumpkin vases add a fun seasonal element to your decor. Plus, it’s a great way to use up pumpkins you have lying around (you can even use squash!). If you’re not up to carving pumpkins and scooping out their innards, get faux pumpkins instead. You can weave up flower crowns for the pumpkins to wear or hot-glue flower heads directly onto them.

Fresh flowers in pumpkins

Credits to Bloom & Wild

6. ‘Eye’ See You

Do you have that creepy feeling that someone is watching you? Well, with these Halloween flowers from a Halloween-themed wedding, there probably is! Hidden among a bouquet of bold, black flowers are creepy eyeballs, waiting to spook their next victim. Pure nightmare fuel.

Black flowers with faux eyeballs

Credits to Creatrix Photography

If you want to increase that creepy level and maybe scare your guests, try re-creating this horrifying arrangement for Halloween. DIY your own eyeball with ping pong balls or get a store-bought one and then hot glue the eyeball in the centre of the flower head. If your flower arrangement uses floral foam, we suggest using chopsticks or skewers to make it easier to stick the eyeballs.

7. Morticia’s Roses

Ah, yes, a star icon during this spooky season. Her morbid hobby of cutting off roses from their stems and ghastly appearance is sure to spook anyone. If you’re not keen on the idea of dressing up as Morticia Addams on Halloween, then why not dress your vase as the goth glam queen herself? 

Dark and moody rose arrangement

Credits to David Austin

Combine shadowy black roses with accent feathers and a little greenery for a moody look. Blood-red floral arrangements are also fitting for this sophisticated theme. This also works for other dark-coloured blooms like black calla lilies, chocolate cosmos, and black dahlias if you’re not a fan of roses. Want a single-type flower arrangement? Skip the foliage and fillers for a cleaner and polished look. 

8. Almost Bare

Sometimes, less is more - or even none at all. When it comes to Halloween flowers, you don't have to feel restricted to using only flowers. Bare branches and twigs are a great way to lend that eerie effect to your Halloween decor. Simple yet hauntingly chic. You can also add faux cobwebs, crows and bats.

Elegant decor using branches and decorative crows
Credits to Jane Sue Design


There are more than just pumpkins, ghosts, and overflowing candy bowls in Halloween decorations. This Halloween, consider adding a touch of elegance to your spooky decor by incorporating floral arrangements. Curating the perfect mix of Halloween flowers isn't just about nailing a moody colour palette. It’s about the experience and creating a certain vibe for a spooktacular Halloween.

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