Flower Care: Preserved Flowers

Keep your flowers beautiful for years to come with these tips and tricks from our flower experts for Preserved Flowers.

No water 🙅‍♀️💧

Keep your preserved flowers away from humid areas. Water and moisture make the the stems weak and mouldy. Keep them in a cool, dry area - much better if it's shaded. Avoid direct air-conditioning too!

Keep them encased (if possible) 💎

If your preserved flowers come with their own case, then leave them inside as is. If you don't have a glass case, you can find one in your local craft store or online. Storing them in a container like a bell jar or glass display case can reduce the effect of humidity while keeping them safe from dust and moisture.

Avoid direct sunlight 🙅‍♀️☀️

Like dried flowers, preserved flowers will naturally fade over time, particularly if the are exposed to heat and sunlight. Please avoid placing them under direct sunlight to prevent discolouration.

Fun Fact:

Preservation is used so flowers can retain their beauty and charm without much maintenance. When done right, preserved flowers can stay "fresh-looking" for years. But did you know that not all flowers can withstand the preservation process? Hence why only the strongest rose species are used.

Dust them carefully 🧹

Dust the preserved flowers occasionally by using a soft, dry tissue or a hair dryer on the lowest speed with NO heat. Make sure to keep a suitable distance from the flowers so that the air flow is not too strong.

Be gentle 🥰

Preserved flowers are fragile, and become more fragile as time goes on. Do not press, bend or squeeze the petals or stems! Rough handling of the blooms can cause the petals or stems to droop or worse - fall off entirely.

We take great pride in providing only the freshest flowers and handcrafting them into luxurious yet thoughtful gifts to all our customers. Once you've received your flowers, it's your turn to cherish their beauty. Hence why we've prepared this handy-dandy guide to equip you with the best tips and tricks on how to take good care of your flowers so you can enjoy and appreciate them for days and even years to come!


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