Flower Care: Vase

Keep your flowers beautiful and fresh with these tips and tricks from our flower experts for Flower Vases.

Place in a cool area 🌬️

Place your flower vases in a cool room or shaded area. Avoid direct air-conditioning, direct sunlight, extreme heat, dust, fruits and vegetables. All of these conditions may make your flowers wilt faster.

Change the water every 2-3 days ✨

Your vase flowers already comes with water inside. However, the water level will reduce as time passes. Make sure to keep the vase clean and change the water regularly. This is to prevent bacteria build-up on the stems.

Re-cut stems ✂️

By cutting the flower stems just before placing them back in a fresh batch of water, you remove the tissue on old stem cuts and expose new ones. This ensures good water absorption, thus boosting their hydration and longevity. You should cut the flower stems around two inches from the bottom of the vase.

Pro Tip:

Cut the stems at an angle and repeat every few days. Doing this gives your flowers as much surface area as possible to drink. #StayHydrated

Remove wilting petals 🥀

Flowers bloom and wilt at different times. When a flower begins to wilt, remove the petals or the whole flower from the arrangement. Removing wilted flowers can help avoid the spread of bacteria to the other flowers.

Mist flowers daily 💦

Spray with clean tap water once a day to give the flowers extra hydration. Flowers can absorb water from places other than the base of its stems. Use a bottle with a fine mist setting and spray from 6 inches to 1 foot away from the flowers to ensure an even coverage.

Pro Tip: 

"Feed" your flowers! While changing the water is just as effective for making flowers last longer, adding flower food can extend the life of the flowers by combating bacteria in the water. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the package carefully.

We take great pride in providing only the freshest flowers and handcrafting them into luxurious yet thoughtful gifts to all our customers. Once you've received your flowers, it's your turn to cherish their beauty. Hence why we've prepared this handy-dandy guide to equip you with the best tips and tricks on how to take good care of your flowers so you can enjoy and appreciate them for days and even years to come!


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