Discover All There Is To Know About Peridot – The August Birthstone

Calling all August babies and lovers of green, as today we take a closer look at one of the birthstones for August, peridot. Discover all there is to know about the peridot gemstone, including its history, qualities, and meanings.

Peridot’s Meanings, History And Lore 

A gemstone as evergreen as the peridot sure holds numerous meanings, rich in history and lore. Peridot is a gemstone cherished for thousands of years in many ancient and medieval cultures. 

One of the well-known qualities of the August birthstone is its striking colour. Peridot gemstones come in varying citrus tones of green and yellow. 

The vibrant hues of peridot embellished priests’ chalices and adorned the walls and ceilings of cathedrals in medieval Europe. It was also dubbed the “Evening’s Emerald” by the Romans. All thanks to its ability to shine continuously, even in the dark!

As for the Ancient Egyptians, they loved this gemstone so much that they kept the peridot a secret where it was hidden somewhere on the volcanic island of Zabargad. They even called this precious gemstone the “Gem of The Sun”. But, according to Hawaiians, peridot was known to resemble the tears of the goddess of fire, Pele.

Modern-Day Peridot

The August birthstone's distinctive allure is regaining popularity in fine jewellery. These gemstones are not only favoured because they make timeless jewellery pieces, but peridot wearers believe they have a positive energy that could cleanse and purify. Peridot is also used in Feng Shui, making it an excellent home decór piece. 

Since its colour is green, peridot is universally associated with nature, which based on Feng Shui, means it would be a wood element. Wood is one of the five elements in Feng Shui that acts as a guide in creating balance in a space. Hence, in this case, the August birthstone relates to vitality, growth, and creativity.

Peridot As A Birthstone

We’re aware that there are three birthstones for August, which are spinel, sardonyx, and of course, peridot. However, we chose the peridot gemstone simply because of its energetic, spring-like colour and unique origin story. 

You see, the peridot gemstone is often referred to as a bringer of abundance and light. People believed wearing peridots could ward off evil spirits and protect them from night terrors. So, go forth and prosper! For the peridot was made for you who enjoy the glitz and glam and are not afraid to be your true self. 

Depending on which day in August you were born, you're either a Leo or a Virgo. Nevertheless, you share the same qualities of self-confidence and strong wits. August-borns also make excellent leaders as they are both charismatic and empathic listeners.

Thanks to all the magical history and lore, peridot is symbolic of strength, opportunity, peace, and more, making you, August babies, extremely lucky! That said, may the iridescent glow of the peridot invigorate your soul and shine the path to new horizons.


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