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Article: Unravel The Sapphire Stone’s Meanings And Benefits (And Your Perks As A September Baby)

Unravel The Sapphire Stone’s Meanings And Benefits (And Your Perks As A September Baby)

Unravel The Sapphire Stone’s Meanings And Benefits (And Your Perks As A September Baby)

September babies, we hope you’re just as thrilled as we are because we’re unravelling one of the world’s most precious gemstones in this journal entry. Specially written for you, this month is all about the sapphire stone, including its remarkable history, meanings and more. 

Sapphire Birthstone’s History, Meanings, And Benefits

The name of the sapphire gemstone is derivative of the Greek term sappheiros and the Latin sapphirus – both of which mean "Blue Stone," and it’s highly reputed for its deep midnight blue hues, twinkling with all the promises of love, loyalty, and wonder.

However, we’ve only been referring to the sapphire stone by that name since the middle ages; prior to that, the sapphire stone was given the name lapis lazuli. The sapphire stone is cherished for bringing many health- and spirituality-boosting benefits for decades.

Take the Greeks, for example, they would often wear the sapphire stone whenever they visit the Oracle to win the favour of the Greek God Apollo. Clerics in the middle ages wore sapphires because they believed they symbolised Heaven. This gemstone was also tied to Abraham and was thought to be one of the sparkling gemstones that graced the High Priest's breastplate. Even Persian rulers claimed that the glint of light reflected off the sapphire was what painted the vast sky blue.

In terms of its properties, the sapphire gemstone is comparable to the ruby, but what makes it blue is the traces of iron found in it. Sapphire stands alongside ruby, emerald, and diamond as one of the four extremely treasured gemstones in the world. While sapphire is known for its rich blue hues, it’s also available in other colours, each with its own meaning and mystical powers:

Pink Sapphire: Stimulates emotions, increases attraction and confidence, and nurtures heart strength.

Yellow Sapphire: Sparks the solar plexus chakra and brings power and prosperity.

Purple Sapphire: Connected to the spirit and helps to clear out and bring wisdom to the crown chakra.

Green Sapphire: Strengthens inner vision, welcomes integrity, and encourages feelings of love and compassion. 

White Sapphire: Brings clarity, purity, and purpose to your path. 

Black Sapphire: Keeps you calm in chaotic and stressful environments, deflects negativity, and helps you achieve confidence in your own intuition.

Star Sapphire: A blue sapphire variant, which is also known as the “Star on Earth.” It represents divinity, deeper knowledge, and fate. Acts as a guiding light that leads us to safety. 

The Blue Sapphire: A Royal Tradition

For countless centuries, the September birthstone has adorned royalty and the robes of the clergy, so much so that it became a royal tradition. In the modern-day era, sapphires continued to shine above all other gemstones when it comes to engagement rings. This is simply because sapphires have a deep connection to love, sincerity, truth, faithfulness and nobility. One of the most well-known sapphire engagement rings belonged to the lovely Princess Diana. 

Adored by kings and queens alike, this precious gemstone was also said to be a talisman that protected them and surrounded them with the light of wisdom and joy. Today, sapphire is considered the birthstone for September and is traditionally gifted during anniversaries to celebrate 45 years of marriage.

Sapphire As A Birthstone

When September comes, it usually means cooler weather and the start of the highly anticipated year-end shopping season! But did you know that September is also one of the most popular birthday months? If you’re born in September, you’re either the organised and practical Virgo or the balanced and fair-minded Libra, both of which are kind, creative, and thoughtful.

People born in September typically have greater muscle strength, bone mass, and are more active in general. Perhaps these are the reasons why they are said to live longer. September-borns are also more likely to be taller than people born in other months. Unfortunately, despite their healthy physique and active lifestyle, these individuals are more prone to allergies and asthma. 

Lucky for you, dear September babies, your birthstone has got it covered for you in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The September birthstone’s calming energy could fend off all kinds of diseases and negativity.

In Feng Shui, the colour blue is present in both water and wood elements. With dark blue relates to wisdom and self-cultivation and light blue refers to rejuvenation and spiritual clarity. So September-borns may want to add the sapphire’s peaceful hues at home to inspire creativity and enhance their overall health. The easiest way to add the calming blue colour into your everyday life is through flowers. 


If you already have the enchanting sapphire birthstone at home, then adding flowers may even boost the already abundant benefits it has to offer! Open the gateway to your inner wisdom and unlock spiritual cultivation with our September exclusive Sapphire Collection.

Have a specific arrangement you want us to create? Simply drop us a message or reach out to us via social media at We’re always ready to help and answer your burning questions.

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