October Birthstone: Get To Know Tourmaline

October has arrived, which means it's time for October-borns to shine! Learn more about your birthstone here, where we detail the tourmaline gemstone’s fabulous history, meanings and other interesting facts in this journal entry.


Tourmaline History, Legends, And Meanings

Tourmaline was first found by Dutch traders off the Italian West Coast in the late 1600s or early 1700s. The name tourmaline came from the Sinhalese term toramalli, meaning “mixed stones” or “multicoloured gems.” A term coined by Dutch traders to describe the colourful gemstones discovered by miners on the island of Ceylon, now known as Sri Lanka. 

At the time, the name tourmaline was used on every coloured gem found on that island, making it difficult for gem dealers to differentiate the actual tourmaline from other gemstones. 

With that in mind, you may be surprised at how many times this pretty gemstone was mistaken for other gemstones throughout history. Back in the 1500s, a Spanish conquistador discovered green tourmaline in Brazil and thought it was an emerald. His error persisted until the 1800s when mineralogists recognised tourmaline as a separate mineral species. 

At one point, pink and red tourmalines were thought to be rubies. The resemblance is uncanny, so much so that the gemstones in the Russian crown jewels were believed to be rubies for centuries! 

In Egyptian legends, the tourmaline was believed to have gotten its wondrous hues by passing through a rainbow while journeying from the Earth’s core. The Egyptians used tourmaline to heal both physical and emotional illnesses, believing that it could heal the nervous system, lymph glands, and even blood diseases. 

Tourmaline wearers believed these gems help in understanding oneself while promoting self-confidence and alleviating fear. It was also used as a talisman by artists and writers from the Renaissance to the Victorian era because it was said to enhance artistic and creative expression. 

Passion For Pink Tourmaline

Tourmaline is mined in a spectrum of colours, making this October birthstone the gemstone with the most colours. Its colours range from pink, red, green, black, yellow, blue, brown, violet and sometimes mixed. Each colour has its unique healing powers and mystical properties to suit all moods and heal specific areas. 

However, we’re focusing more on pink tourmaline. The meaning of the pink tourmaline is based on its feminine nature with associations of love (usually in oneself), inspiration, compassion, kindness and more. 

Pink tourmalines come in varying shades of pink from soft, pale pink to deep reddish pink and hot pink. Pink tourmalines of the highest quality can be found in Brazil and Namibia. Namibian pink tourmalines are extremely rare and expensive due to their intense hue.

In the early 1900s, China held the crown of tourmaline's largest market, especially pink tourmalines, triggering a boom in tourmaline production in California. The Chinese Empress Dowager Cixi loved pink tourmalines so much that she bought large quantities from San Diego County. Unfortunately, the downfall of the Chinese government in 1912 caused the end of the tourmaline trade.

Tourmaline As A Birthstone

Born in the month of the pumpkin spice craze, where leaves fall, and trick-or-treating, October-borns have quite a handful of interesting qualities. You’re either the seeker of balance and harmony, Libra, or the mysterious and opinionated Scorpio.

Nevertheless, there are similarities between the two signs, one of which is they're both hopeless romantics. When they love someone, they love them with all their heart and soul. From romantic getaways to swanky rooftop dinners, they go out of their way to show their partner how much they truly love them. 

Being effortlessly charming, these casanovas also have a big heart – literally. They have a lower risk for cardiovascular disease or any other heart-related issues. Perhaps this and the fact that they are athletic is why October-borns could live longer than others.

People born in October are blessed with two dazzling birthstones; tourmaline and opal. But we believe that the versatile tourmaline gemstone better suits the creative and emotional souls of October babies. Since tourmaline has a rainbow of colours, its curative and mystical abilities could just as well balance the expressive nature of October babies while providing healing and protection.

Because this stone is known as a gem for sensitive poets and creative artists, October babies can benefit from the tourmaline's creativity and inspiration boost. The tourmaline gemstone also makes a beautiful gift for the 8th and 38th anniversary.


We may not have the actual tourmaline gemstones, but we have rosy-hued flowers that are just as stunning as the pink tourmaline, ready to convey your sweetest and deepest affection! So, think pink and inspire love and compassion within yourself and others with our Tourmaline Collection this October.

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