Garnet Birthstone: January's Scarlet Red Beauty

In this journal entry, we’re giving the spotlight to the fiery souls of January babies! The garnet birthstone is a stunning red gem that carries many benefits and healing abilities for those born in the first month of the year. Read on to explore garnet and what magic it has in store. 

Garnet Birthstone Meanings, History & Folklore

The word “garnet” originates from the Latin word granatus, meaning “seeds,” which is most likely due to its resemblance to pomegranate seeds. In early French, the word grenat was used as a noun to refer to the scarlet red beauty. And when borrowed into English, became the word we know now, “garnet.”

The garnet birthstone holds extensive folklore that spans many different cultures and eras. But one common thread of belief suggests that garnet gems protect their wearers from all kinds of dangers like illnesses, nightmares and enemies. People also viewed garnets as a symbol of love and friendship and claimed to calm anger.

For Roman warriors, garnet was used as protection during battles and was thought to provide healing and safety on long journeys. The Native Americans treasured this deep-red beauty for its healing abilities against injury and poison. Ancient Greek sailors would also carry garnet gems with them as good luck charms. Even the righteous Noah was said to use garnet on his Ark as a source of light. 

Nowadays, garnet birthstones are regarded to bring loyalty and unchanging affection and encourage success. Another common modern belief is that these gems were thought to alleviate depression and ward off evil spirits.

A Royalty-Favourite Gemstone

While garnet is best known for its enigmatic red shade colour, it also comes in greens, yellows, and blues. Garnets are formed when metamorphic rocks are heated, which pressure breaks the chemical bonds in the rocks, causing minerals to recrystallise. 

The garnet’s dark hues and magical powers were not only favoured by warriors and sailors. Royals also adored this gem over the years – they used garnets on pretty much anything they could get their hands on! From garnet jewellery and garment adornments to wax seals and ornaments. 

But this scarlet red beauty is not just for making people and things look “pretty”. Due to its durability and resistance to weathering, garnet is used as an abrasive for wood sandpaper, sanding belts, discs and more.

Garnet As A Birthstone

The fiery souls born this month are the practical Capricorns and carefree Aquarians. If you’re born in January, your chances of getting the spotlight are higher than those born in other months. 

In addition to great communication skills, you have loads of star power and are naturally funny. People love to be around you because you light up the room with your fun-loving vibes. You could also score a job as a professional athlete. Research shows that “older kids” have a better chance at school athletics.

Despite being chill (most of the time) and free-spirited, January-borns can be stubborn and judgmental and even envious at times. They may think that they might never find their one true love. But not to worry January babies. Chin up because thanks to your birthstone, you can look forward to a life full of love, happiness, good luck, and friendship. 


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