Make it A December To Remember With The Topaz Birthstone

Time for snowflakes and a sleigh full of gifts ‘cause the season of giving is here! Besides fuzzy socks and hot cocoa, this month is all about self-healing, building bonds and starting anew. December-borns, read on to learn about your birthstone, and why we chose topaz from the other gems.

Topaz Dazzling History and Meanings

Topaz is one of the most highly sought-after gemstones for centuries. The name topaz and its origin story are debatable but most people agree that its name comes from the Island of Topazios, an old Greek name for a small island located at the Red Sea. 

Truth is, this island never actually produced topaz gems. Instead, it was a source of another gem, which is peridot. Before the development of modern mineralogy, peridots and other gemstones were often mistaken for topaz.

The name “topaz” also has traces of Sanskrit words like topas or tapaz, meaning "fire." Many Indians have long held the belief that wearing topaz above the heart ensures long life, beauty, and wisdom. Like any other gemstone, the topaz birthstone has many meanings and benefits. But it is mostly known to have soothing abilities and a bringer of wealth, clarity, kindness, and good health.

The ancient Romans and Greeks, however, regarded the topaz as a source of power and that it could break magic spells while calming rage and anger. As for the Egyptians, they believed the gemstone had supernatural powers and was gracefully blessed by the sun God for its glowing yellow hue.

Present-Day Topaz Gemstone

Did you know that when it is heated - naturally or artificially - the topaz birthstone turns into a stunning blue shade? The blue shade varies in intensity though. This may be the reason why topaz is treasured so dearly even to this day. Today, royals such as Kate Middleton, and other well-known celebrities are often seen wearing beautiful topaz pieces. 

The topaz birthstone is found in most countries like the United States, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Russia and even China. Topaz comes in many colours but blue shades are the most popular choice for December birthstones. The London Blue Topaz is one of the deepest and most distinct shades of blue. Blue topaz is also ideally gifted during the fourth and 19th anniversaries.

Topaz As A Birthstone

If you’re born in this festive month, you’re either the generous and free-spirited Sagittarius, or the responsible and master of self-control Capricorn. So, “Happy Birthday” times many many years! No, seriously. Reports from the Journal of Aging Research conclude that December babies are more likely to live to 105 – or longer. Wow. Your birthday may be later than the rest, but you sure have a lot of them coming.

Most of you are also early risers as you like staying organised and getting stuff done early according to your well-thought-out schedule. Adventurous trips and travels are one of December babies’ favourite leisure activities.

Interestingly, December has the most birthstones; tanzanite, blue topaz, blue zircon, and turquoise. This is to provide more affordable options to the more expensive gemstones. While every birthstone is different, they share a similar shade of blue. 

But why did we choose topaz? Simple. It comes in a spectrum of colours besides blue! So you can choose one that suits your taste. You might be wondering why this month's birthstone collection doesn't showcase the iconic blue shade. Ours is heavily inspired by the brown and amber topaz as we love the glistening look of the gem in its "natural colours."

Regardless of the colour, the topaz birthstone is widely used for restoration, relaxation, and manifestation. Its healing energies could increase feelings of peace and balance the emotions of impulsive Sagittarians and moody Capricorns. 

Hence why we believe the topaz is the ideal birthstone for go-getters like you. It reminds you to stop and smell the flowers every now and then. December-borns, your jolly souls carry the seasonal spirit all year round, but please remember to recharge and give yourself a much-needed break. 


So, which of the December birthstones piqued your interest, and which one do you plan on getting? If gemstones aren’t your thing, why not try channeling that same positive aura with our peaceful blooms? Make it a December to remember with this month’s exclusive – Topaz Collection. We know you’ll love ‘em!

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