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We know it’s difficult to tell someone how you feel sometimes. So let Kiara express your deepest affection to those you love and treasure most. She boasts fresh Ecuador roses that are wrapped beautifully in black and copper for a bold yet elegant finish.

Theme colours: Red, Black, Copper

Featured flowers: Imported Ecuadorian Rose

Picture shown: Medium Size

Regular 8-10 stalks | Medium 18-20 stalks | Large 28-30 stalks | XL 50-55 stalks | Luxe 99 stalks (depending on the size of the rose)

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE REPLACED with flowers of similar quality, appearance or colour. Photos shown are used as a reference to the overall vibe and colour palette; the actual colours and design of the product may vary.

Sale priceRM208.00


Kiara Sale priceRM208.00