Luna Floral Design



Send love with a box of romantic bliss topped with a cute bow for added sweetness. Rochelle is a gracious gift that will make anyone's heart flutter in excitement. And the best part? You can add a personal touch by choosing your desired rose colour.

Theme colours: Pink (Rose colour is customisable)

Featured flowers: Imported Ecuadorian Rose

Pictures shown: Regular, Small and Mini sizes

Mini 3-5 stalks | Small 7-10 stalks | Regular 28-30 stalks | Medium 55-60 stalks | Large 99 stalks | Luxe 199 stalks (depending on the size of the rose)

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE SUBSTITUTED of similar quality, appearance and/or colours. Photos used are purely for a reference of the vibe and colour palette and are NOT indicative of the final product.

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