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Ruth’s story expresses messages of kindness, love, and friendship. Her sweet connotations and earthy tones of lush cappuccino roses are perfect for weddings, anniversaries or friendship bouquets.

Theme colours: Rustic Beige, Brown / Peach

Featured flowers: Cappuccino Rose

Pictures shown: Regular and Medium Sizes

Regular 12-15 stalks | Medium 25-30 stalks | Large 50-55 stalks | Luxe 99 stalks

Cappuccino, Quicksand, Toffee & Menta Roses are rustic-looking and “muted” in colour. Only buy them if you can accept their unique beauty!

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE REPLACED with flowers of similar quality, appearance or colour. Photos shown are used as a reference to the overall vibe and colour palette; the actual colours and design of the product may vary.

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