Luna Floral Design



Hot pink isn't normally the top choice for wedding flowers. But we're here to change that. Being both youthful and passionate, Selena's vibrancy evokes feelings of high energy and makes any bride-to-be stand out from the crowd! 

Theme colours: Hot Pink and White

Featured flowers: Rose, Eustoma, Calla Lily, Scabiosa, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Anthurium

*Kindly note that the calla lilies and anthurium are spray painted.

**To ensure your lilies are fully bloomed, place your order 3-4 DAYS IN ADVANCE. Orders placed later may result in lilies arriving in bud form.

Flowers are seasonal. Thus the type of flowers MAY BE REPLACED with flowers of similar quality, appearance or colour. Photos shown are used as a reference to the overall vibe and colour palette; the actual colours and design of the product may vary.

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